Fitness Center Rules

  • Available to all Southport tenants with a signed waiver on file
  • No food, drink, smoking or animals allowed in the Fitness Center
  • No one under 18 allowed in the Fitness Center
  • Proper attire required, including appropriate shirts and shoes
  • Limit the use of equipment to 30 minutes when others are waiting
  • Wipe equipment off with provided wipes after each use to help keep safe and clean
  • Report malfunctioning or broken equipment immediately to management
  • Persons under medical supervision or treatment should consult physician before use
  • Anyone using the Fitness Center uses it at their own risk and assumes full responsibility for any injury
Contact Us
Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 909 Aviation Parkway, Suite 600B
Morrisvile, NC 27560

Access the Fitness Center on the North side of the building. Enter through service corridor and follow around to the double doors on the right.

Shower and locker facilities available.

Email your signed waiver back to
Download Waiver *Must have on file before entering the facility